Idea Behind The Site

I had several reasons to make this site. The main one was to have a basic site to setup for people asking for a website. They can never figure out how to navigate and update a CMS. Very few sites really need all the features and extras that come along with a CMS. You also have the security issues with a CMS when it is not updated to the latest version. Again, they did not know how to update or manage the backend. On the other hand, static html sites could not be updated easily without some sort of framework to do so. This site can have content added with ease, in a simple to understand admin section.

I also wanted to make a self contained, non intrusive site. One that did not collect a bunch of data from users that was never used for anything but increasing user counts on a site. Most registered users never contribute anything to a sites content. The others ones that do are usually limited unless seeking help. User authentication does not stop bots from posting to your site or registering accounts. In my opinion, most sites do not even need a user management system or login ability. This site does not collect or store your data. It uses honeypots and proven anti spam countermeasures to stop bot from posting to the comments.  The comments do not even require a login to post.

I also wanted to have a site that was using the latest versions of the scripts that made up its backbone. To me, it was easier to start from scratch and build it the way I wanted it instead of taking my older stuff and updating it to work with the newest updates to the backbone scripts.